Welcome to CSB Sustainability Award Nominations 2023

This award symbolizes our unwavering dedication to knowledge and commemorates the relentless endeavors of organizations that have demonstrated exceptional leadership in fostering positive change and promoting sustainable development.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Organizational Focus

    Nominee organizations must have a primary focus on activities or initiatives related to knowledge, positive change, and sustainable development.

  • Operational Duration

    Organizations must have been actively operating for a minimum of 3 years to demonstrate a sustained commitment to their mission.

  • Leadership and Impact

    Nominees should have a proven track record of leadership in their field and a significant positive impact on their target community or sector.

  • Innovation and Creativity

    Eligible organizations should showcase innovative approaches, creative solutions, or unique strategies that contribute to knowledge advancement and sustainable development.

  • Measurable Results

    Nominees should provide clear and measurable evidence of their achievements and the positive changes they have brought about.

  • Ethical Practices

    Nominees must adhere to ethical and legal standards in their operations and demonstrate a commitment to responsible and transparent practices.

Registration Instructions

  • Review Eligibility Criteria

    Before proceeding with the nomination, please read the eligibility criteria for the award. Carefully review the criteria to ensure your organization’s sustainability initiatives align with the requirements

  • Complete the Nomination Form

    Nominees will fill out a comprehensive online nomination form, providing detailed information about your sustainability initiatives. The form will include sections covering key aspects such as environmental impact, social responsibility, innovation, and long-term sustainability goals. It will require nominees to provide evidence, case studies, and supporting documents to strengthen your nomination.

  • Supporting Materials Upload

    The nomination form will allow nominees to upload supporting materials, such as reports, certifications, testimonials, and any other relevant documents that showcase their sustainability achievements. Clear guidelines and file size limitations will be provided to ensure smooth submission. ISO certification will be an added advantage (ISO 14001, 50001, 26000, 20121, 20400, 14064, 14044, 14015, 14046, 20190 etc)

  • Supporting Statements and Recommendations

    Nominators to submit supporting statements or recommendations on behalf of the nominee. These statements can come from employees, partners, customers, or other stakeholders who can attest to the impact and significance of the nominee's sustainability initiatives.

  • Consent and Agreement

    Nominees will be required to provide consent and agree to the terms and conditions of the nomination process. This include granting permission for your initiatives to be showcased and shared during the award evaluation and at the conference.

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