Kolawole Mate

Manager, Environment and Social, Lagos Free Zone

Mate is a seasoned ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) professional with 15 years of
experience in the management of environmental and social issues. His commitment to sustainability and
responsible business practices has made him a respected leader in the industry.
He has led and contributed to numerous organizations' efforts to integrate ESG principles into their core
strategies and manage ESG risks. His expertise covers developing and implementing ESG frameworks that
align with global sustainability goals and create value.
His degrees and certifications in environmental science, renewable energy, sustainable finance, and
impact management provide the requisite foundation. He has held key roles in consultancy services and
the private sector with a proven track record of advising and guiding companies towards more
responsible and sustainable business practices.
Kolawole Mate continues to inspire organizations to embrace sustainability while also mentoring
budding ESG professionals. His commitment to creating positive ESG impacts has earned him recognition
beyond his professional achievements.