David Goodman

CEO/President, Edenark Group USA
12:05 PM

Friday 6th October

Technical Session 4

Topic: Catalyzing Sustainable Action: Enhancing Transparency and Accountability through Effective Reporting

In today's business landscape, sustainability reporting plays a crucial role in driving sustainable action and promoting transparency and accountability. This practical technical session is designed to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and tools to enhance their reporting practices and effectively communicate their sustainability efforts.

Led by experienced sustainability professionals and reporting experts, this session will delve into the key components of effective reporting and demonstrate how organizations can leverage reporting as a catalyst for sustainable action. Participants will gain practical insights and learn best practices for data collection, measurement, and reporting, as well as strategies for engaging stakeholders and fostering transparency.


The session will cover various topics, including:


  1. The importance of sustainability reporting: Understand why sustainability reporting is vital for businesses in today's context and how it can drive positive change within organizations.
  2. Reporting frameworks and standards: Explore widely recognized reporting frameworks and standards, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and other industry-specific guidelines. Learn how to align reporting practices with these frameworks to enhance transparency and credibility.
  3. Data collection and measurement: Gain practical knowledge on collecting and measuring sustainability data, including key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics. Discover effective strategies for data management and verification to ensure accuracy and reliability.


  1. Stakeholder engagement and communication: Learn how to engage stakeholders effectively in the reporting process and communicate sustainability efforts transparently. Explore innovative approaches for sharing information and engaging stakeholders to build trust and credibility.
  2. Reporting innovation and technology: Discover emerging trends and technologies that can enhance reporting practices, such as data analytics, automation, and visualization tools. Understand how these technologies can streamline reporting processes and improve data accuracy and accessibility.
  3. Case studies and best practices: Explore real-world examples of organizations that have successfully enhanced transparency and accountability through effective reporting. Learn from their experiences and gain practical insights into implementing sustainable reporting strategies.
  4. Q&A Session: An opportunity for attendees to engage with our expert speakers and seek clarification on specific challenges or queries related to sustainability policy development.