Abiola Oshunniyi

Chief Responsibility Officer ParallelPoint Consult.

Abiola Oshunniyi is the Chief Responsibility Officer for ParallelPoint Consult. Abiola is a tri-sector
sustainable professional with over 15 years of expertise spanning the financial service, health, international
development, public policy, and governance. He has provided technical advisory and support for projects
and programs sponsored by the World Bank, Global Fund, USAID, DFID, Bill and Melinda Gates
Foundation, Qualcomm Wireless Reach, and UNICEF. He has led many projects that focus on the multiple
aspects of ESG and sustainability within the public and private sector as well as around international
He possesses a diverse educational background, having received training from renowned institutions such
as the UCLA Anderson School of Management, University of Edinburgh, Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, Business School Netherlands, Harvard University and Lagos Business School. Abiola is driven
by his vision to establish sustainable global brands originating from Africa and is the Co-Founder of the
DiBadili Institute.
Additionally, he serves on the boards of multiple nonprofit organizations, providing advisory services on
strategy, sustainability, finance, health, education, digital transformation and technology adoption.